What a great way to end a very busy week! Thanks to all the parent volunteers who accompanied us to Echo Center, sent in breakfast treats and joined us for ECO!


Teens Reaching Youth for the Environment

Lesson 2: What makes a tree, a tree? 
In our lesson today, we learned what sets trees apart from other plants.  Trees have three main parts: woody stem, crown and roots.  We also discovered the life stages of trees.  Ask your child what makes a tree a tree and have him/her show you their tree costume! 

Tree Challenge: Do you want to know what the tree in your backyard provides?  Check out the tree benefits calculator to see the economic and ecological benefits of your tree.  Visit www.treebenefits.com/calculator/ to learn more!

Thank you to our T.R.Y. leaders - Celeste, Chloe and Louisa from MSMS!


2nd Grade Engineers!

The task: create a game using only cardboard and duct tape with:

Moving Parts
A Scoring System

Demonstrate the game and learn how to explain the game to the players.


Small Moment Stories

Small Moment Stories

Small Moment Stories

On Tuesday, we celebrated the completion of our Small Moment Stories by sharing them with Miss Hannah's class.